Inventions and patents

of employees at Montanuniversität

Service inventions

Employees of Montanuniversität are required to report inventions that they make in the course of their research activities to the rector's Office.

After this, it will be decided then whether to pursue the invention further. If it is pursued further, an invention report bonus will be split between the inventors.

A strategy to secure proprietary rights and a plan for rights exploitation is to be drafted by those reporting the invention, with assistance from the Patent Service Office of Montanuniversität.

If patents are to be registered, an invention publication bonus will be awarded once the first patent application was published.

If profits are earned with the invention, a portion of the profit will be split between the inventors at the rate of their contribution to the invention.

The strategy for the exploitation and protection of rights to the invention must be discussed and updated on a regular basis. Who is potentially interested? In which countries is it reasonable to apply for patents?


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