Company start-ups and regional development

Advice for start-ups and spin-offs

The early phase of the company start-up is particularly decisive for further success.

The Research & Innovation Service provides the interdisciplinary expert network of the Centre for Applied Technology ("ZAT") at Montanuniversität.

The intense while personalised advising process is key to the permanent and stable development of the supported businesses.

The Centre for Applied Technology at Montanuniversität Leoben, with the help of the Research & Innovation Service, provides constructive advice and support to spin-offs and start-ups along the way of becoming enterprises.

Technology environment research

The basis of any company founding, besides good market knowledge, is a clear understanding of the technology environment.

What is already known in the prior art?


What is protected by patent or trademark rights of competitors and what might require a license or alternative solution?

What solutions are freely available?

The experts of the Research & Innovation Service help founders with the research relating to these aspects.

Start-up workshop

We regularly organise a start-up workshop at Montanuniversität in cooperation with the Centre for Applied Technology:

High-calibre experts discuss young founders' business ideas at eye level with them.
Two dozen teams with innovative start-up ideas across all branches of industry meet with more than 50 established entrepreneurs on a start-up workshop weekend.


They can refine their business idea there and take it to the next level together.They can refine their business idea there and take it to the next level together.

In a casual atmosphere, they can discuss their business strategy, segment their target group, and receive critical and constructive feedback about their business model.

Regional development

We develop new strategies jointly with representatives from private businesses, the public sector and other stakeholders of the Styria region and especially from Northern Styria.

Special focus here is on the technology transfer of the know-how required for the businesses in order to support them in their innovation process.

This covers initiatives such as Nanonet Styria, Simnet Styria, materials clusters, the involvement of regional companies in transfer projects as well as European projects, e.g., DigiTeRRI.



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