Research funding

The research management team advises funded research projects from the inception of the idea to project planning, filing of applications, project implementation, and up to the completion of the project. This also involves the provision of information on relevant funding programmes, personal advising meetings, and the organisation as well as implementation of information and network events.

The research management team additionally provides advice on legal questions relating to research projects, rights exploitation activities, and international partnerships.

A special concern is also the promotion of young talents and excellence.

Support is provided for all scientists in the following areas:

Research funding and other financing

The various financing or funding options will be explained based on an initial project idea.    


In addition, the specific probabilities of success, funding terms and requirements for the application are evaluated. 

Project design

If needed, a funding and potentials analysis will be prepared for the project ideas or concept abstracts developed by the scientists.

Finding suitable cooperation partners

To build a bridge to other partners in science and the economy, our team can help in the search for suitable cooperation partners.

Filing an application

Our team is very happy to provide feedback on the content of project applications if the application is coordinated by Montanuniversität Leoben.

This can include, for example, the provision of templates for consortium agreements, non-disclosure agreements (NDA) or letters of intent (LOI).

Project implementation

Our team will help you to fulfil all aspects that are relevant for the project, e.g., consortium agreement, financial reporting, financial audit certificate (from an external auditor) of EU projects.

The services will be customised to your specific needs.